What is it?

Methoxyacetic acid, with the chemical formula C3H6O3 , is a derivative of acetic acid in which a hydrogen on the methyl group is replaced by a methoxy group.

What are the effects?

This substance belongs to the groups:

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) identifies that methoxyacetic acid “causes severe skin burns and eye damage, may damage fertility and may damage the unborn child and is harmful if swallowed.”

The substance is on ECHA Candidate List of “Substances of very High Concern”.

How is it used?

Methoxyacetic acid is mainly used in production of other chemicals. Previously you could also find it in conventional consumer products, such as disinfectants and biocides (European definition: “a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism by chemical or biological means“). But because of its reprotoxic properties it is usually replaced by other less toxic alternatives.

Did you find this ingredient in a product?

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