Curious Chloride helps you avoid harmful ingredients in your cosmetic and personal care products.

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Substances and Categories of the Ingredient Scanner

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This is why you need the Ingredient Checker

Ingredients in consumer products mainly consist of chemicals, minerals, or different compounds of the two. Among these ingredients, there are a few that have been found to be harmful to humans and the environment but are still, legally, used in cosmetics.

Banning or restricting an ingredient is a long process and for this reason, many consumers have now taken upon themselves to avoid products with certain hazardous substances until they are officially prohibited.

But as all the already converted ingredient investigator already know, both the list of ingredients on individual products as well as the chemical names themselves, are often both long and complicated.

To make it even more difficult to keep track off, one single ingredietn could have hundreds of different names depending on language and supplier.

This is where an ingredient checker can help. Curious Chloride remembers all the harmful ingredients and name variations, so you do not have to. You will get compiled information but the scanner will highlight all of the variations, covering more than 17.000 substance names and more regularly added!

On the substance pages, you can find who is saying what. You’ll find our sources and you can learn how the substances have been classified. There is also information on how the ingredients are being used – and it is always open to questions and comments!

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