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Curious Chloride’s webpage, database, and scanner are under constant development – content may change and new services may be added. Our aim is to be up to date with current research, which means that the information and services that we provide are dynamic. As science is constantly evolving, we want to humbly declare that although we constantly update information, Curious Chloride can’t guarantee the accuracy of the information provided.

Curious Chloride only works as an information-hub regarding substances. We do not conduct scientific analysis ourselves; we only work as a messenger for research, studies, laws and regulation regarding chemicals. Our information should only be viewed as general information and should not be viewed or considered as professional medical advice. Always consult a professional healthcare professional if you have questions about symptoms, diagnosis or general medical conditions. Curious Chloride provides no health warranties or guarantees based on the information, services, or advice that we provide.

Curious Chloride is a politically and religiously independent organisation. We are not receiving investments, donations, or any kind of capital apart from what our users “give” us. Curious Chloride’s only income is revenue coming from small donations from users. There is also no revenue from commercial ads and we are proud to be manufacturer-neutral. Note that we are not providing information to suit any company or industry association; our aim is to be a neutral messenger of other’s research and conclusions about substances in cosmetics. The information that we have used for our webpage, database, and scanner is public and users can for themselves look up the substances from ingredient lists –what we have done is to compile it.

We are not recommending anyone to not buy certain products, we only collect and compile already public research on substances, not on individual products, that could be considered controversial.