Damages cells and the nervous system

There are chemicals in cosmetic and household products that can damage the nervous system, the cells and the genetic information contained in cells.

Proteins, fats and DNA in our bodies make up our cells. Cell damage can be caused by physical, chemical, infectious, biological, nutritional or immunological factors. Depending on the extent of the damage, it might be reversible or irreversible. The body will first try to repair the cell but if it is dead it will be replaced by another cell. This process becomes less efficient the older we get. Some researchers argue that if we want to live longer and reduce signs of aging, we should try to boost our natural defenses against cell damage and cell death.

Neurological damage

Neurological damage is any damage of the nervous system. The human nervous system consists of the brain, the spinal cord and nerves. It sends signals to different parts of the body to coordinate its action. Neurological system damage could lead neurological disorder, meaning that there are abnormalities to the nervous system. Abnormalities and irregularities to the nervous system could cause symptoms such as muscle weakness, confusion, pain, paralysis, and poor coordination. Although not so common, there are some substances (and metal-impurities) used in cosmetic products that are known to be neurotoxins.

  • Nervous system effects on infants
  • Mild neurological dysfunction on children of school age
  • Cell damage and interference with cell communication in animals
  • Biochemical and cellular changes in humans.
  • Causing genetic affects that changes the genetic material in DNA cells. Acquired mutations in DNA could in worst case scenarios for example lead to miscarriage, congenital malformations or cancer.

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