What is glitter made of?

What is glitter made of? Ever heard of glitter pollution? Or a call for a global glitter ban? It's sad but true and it is related to what most glitter is made of, namely, plastic.  This page explains what glitter is made of, how conventional glitter can harm

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Recycle makeup and cosmetics

How to recycle makeup and other cosmetics The half-empty sunscreen from three seasons ago, that bath salts your aunt gave you that you never used, or that dried up nail polish. We all have them and once in a while we gather the strength, it’s time to clean them

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Sun protection – Why and When

Sun protection - to avoid melanoma & skin cancerCurious Chloride's Sun Protection Guide Part 1. Read the first part of our sun protection guide about how you can enjoy the sunshine safely. In this article, you will learn why and when you should be careful about spending too much time in the sun.–>


Sun protection – SPF and UPF

Sun protection factor (SPF) and ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) explained Curious Chloride's Sun Protection Guide Part 2. Staying inside while the sun is shining outside is for most of us, not an alternative. We love summer and sunshine but as we all know; the bright side has a dark side.


Sun protection – Physical and Chemical Sunscreen

Difference between chemical & physical sunscreen Curious Chloride’s sun series, Part 3.  Trying to choose a sunscreen in the jungle of available products is difficult. But understanding the differences of the active sunscreen ingredients are for most people a game-changer and will make the selection a million times easier.



CHEMICAL & COSMETIC GLOSSARY In this cosmetic glossary, you will find explanations for ingredients' functions, chemical terms, and different labels you might find on products. Leave a comment if you are looking for a definition of a word not yet included, and we'll add it!