What we do

Curious Chloride helps online shoppers worldwide to stay safe and environmentally friendly by revealing harmful ingredients in their beauty and personal care products.

Who we are

Curious Chloride is an online project dedicated to chemical sustainability, health, and neutral information. it was created by people wanting an easy way to find safe and ethical products, to give others who also worry about the negative effects of chemicals a tool and a place to share our passion for change.

What we believe

We believe in caring for our planet and all of its inhabitants – and about feeling good about what you buy.

We are advocates of simple beauty with minimal exposure to chemicals. Our two main concerns are the negative effects of the chemical cocktail that we are daily exposed to and the long-term effects of chemicals.

Why Curious Chloride is free

Our whole aim with Curious Chloride is to remove all obstacles in order to reduce harmful chemicals. That is why our services are free and accessible to everyone.

We are not receiving investments of any kind and we want to grow the organisation organically, unaffected by interests other than the well being and health of people, wildlife and the planet. 

Curious Chloride is politically and religiously independent, a grassroots initiative proud to be manufacturer-neutral. We are not providing information to suit any government, company or industry association; our aim is to be a neutral messenger of other’s research.

Note that we just started and are still in prototype-phase, it’s a work in progress!

We hope to stay in touch!

We encourage you to browse through our substances, categories and articles. Join or start a conversation in the comment sections on our pages or on our social media channels.  If you have any feedback about our site, have a question, want to write for or contribute to Curious Chloride, please contact us here.