This ingredient scanner marks harmful chemicals on content lists, so you can avoid them easily.

Tired of reading labels and memorizing chemicals?

Curious Chloride got your back. The ingredient Scanner remembers the harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to.

Go to your favorite webshop, locate the ingredients, and scan the page to instantly know if the product is safe.

Why it matters for you

Cosmetic Safety

We buy cosmetics in good faith and use them through all stages of life; to protect our health, enhance well-being and simply to just look pretty. From toothpaste and deodorant to makeup.

Harmful Ingredients

But unfortunately, many cosmetic products contain harmful ingredients that cause serious negative effects. Both on our health and the environment.
The Ingredient Scanner helps you avoid them.

How it works

Why our users love us

Love that CC helps me read labels, saves me a lot of time not having to look up ingredients one-by-one.

Åsa Magnus, Norway

I was feeling really anxious about remembering all the chemicals to avoid, CC really makes it easier to find non toxic products.

Minna Alvine, Sweden

Get non toxic announcements

Searching for toxic free products can take time.

Save time by joining our community where you’ll get CLEAN beauty recommendations and other useful eco-tips.

We’ll make the research, scan the products and give you the summarized info you need.

Do you want to avoid harmful ingredients in sunscreen? Or harmful ingredients in shampoo? Tell us your non toxic wishes and we’ll help you find it!


By highlighting non vegan and harmful ingredients you can, as a result, easily find out if products are:

  • Non toxic
  • Safe cosmetics
  • Vegan cosmetics
  • Cruelty-free makeup
  • Non-allergenic cosmetics
  • Hypoallergenic makeup
  • Eco friendly products

We have 13 categories in which all the harmful ingredients in shampoo, deodorants, lipstick and such, belong to.

Therefore, when scanning a page it’s easy to see if an ingredient is either allergenic, carcinogenic or harmful for the environment (or all of it) – without having to read a lot of information.

The Ingredient Scanner looks for more than 18,000 substance names and is regularly updated with more to help you stay toxic free. 

It’s currently only available for Desktop, but we’re working on bringing it to your phone!

If you have suggestions of features you would like to see on our app, certainly, feel free to contact us. :) 

In many countries, it’s not (yet) required that online shops disclose a full list of ingredients. In other words, it’s basically up to the shops if they want to do it or not.

You should always ask yourself – what do they want to hide by not revealing the full list of ingredients?  

We strongly recommend against buying a product without seeing a full list of ingredients. 

Different countries have different chemical laws, some stricter some looser, and this causes product formulas to vary. Even for products that looks the same on the label, the ingredient formula might be different.

Curious Chloride started from a feeling of frustration that many of us share over a society, industrial system and product selection, that seems to be escalating toxic and harmful. 

In addition, we believe that it’s a consumer right to get ingredients translated in an easily accessible way. Everyone should have a basic understanding of the number of concerning chemicals that we are exposed to daily from many of the products we use. 

However, there are clean products and safe ingredients out there, we just need to find them. By knowing which ingredients and products to avoid, we can instead put our money and support to the brands that are making safe and eco-friendly products. 

We want to see a positive change in the world and to facilitate conscious consumption, and therefore, we wish that the Ingredient Scanner is used without hesitation.